3D image in solid wood Hickory

Omtech 60W Ruida 6442B-C
Speed - 200 mm/sec
Power - 20%
six passes
Design is actually 2" square. Scrubbed with a brush and hot water to clean the char off.
Depth of design is 2mm +

Wanted to see what image looked like when pressed into damp leather.
Wouldn’t recommend using wood for impression stamps. Delrin works great and I think Corian would also.


I’ve experimented with leather stamping by hand, this looks great. Other than damping the leather for lasering was there anything that you did in preparation?

I should be more precise. I actually wet the leather for about three minutes under a spigot of softened warm water, (I have tempered leather this way for 50 years) then wrap inside a soft towel or other fabric overnight or if you are anxious as I was with this one, about an hour. I have a two ton manual press I use for short run items. I have done a few pieces with Corian. It needs to be laser very slow with about 50% power. That keeps the char to a minimum and the result is fantastic. Notice I said, sloooowww. lol
Corian will break but what I have is 1/2" in thickness and I don’t intend to make any stamps that would be much larger than 2" x 2". I thought the Hickory stamp was interesting and it gave a good rendering in the leather. If I make any more of them I will use a Dremel tool and clean the area outside of the character so that doesn’t imprint also.
I am having such a blast with the laser, I am afraid I am wasting some time with fun stuff.

Looks awesome :o :slight_smile: