3d print a indian tribal seal

I would like to engrave an Indian seal into wood or leather and was looking for some tips on how to go about doing it.

I would like to make it look very similar to the attached file only the have it more or less embossed into the target piece.

Being new to LightBurn, I’m sure there is a way to do it, but wanted to shorten the learning curve a little.

Any ideas would be appreciated…

Is this what you are after?

I have added @sensor to this thread

I put up the wrong pic, here is what I want to burn into some leather…

I engrave on leather all the time.
It’s not hard but needs very little power to leave a mark.
I use a lot of air to prevent soot. If some residue lands on the leather it is easily removed.

Depending on the type of leather I use 15% power and 450 mm/sec speed.
(Natural tanned leather, thin)
I also made engravings on pre dyed leather and then fill in the etching with paint. !

If you want to engrave something deeper just make it slower.

There is also a difference if you dye the leather before or after engraving it with a laser.

Does this help?
(I think I have a 90-100w laser)

@Squid thanks for the add

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I wanted to have the dark background behind the text.
I make items for the tribe and wanted to do the logo on some folders I make.
If you spray the surface of the leather before you burn with Fiebing’s sealer, there is no black soot.

I will work on it and send a pic when I get it done.


Clean and beautiful finish Björn. it is impressive how you control your powerful laser for such a small and delicate artwork. professionalism.

Or luck;)
Thank you!

I will share some more things I made lately!

That’s one powerful and accurate Laser leather beam you got there…
Do you “fill+line” these? and how do you keep these small rubbery disks flat throughout the process? double sided tape?

Ah… no this is 3mm thick leather.
Only fill. And cut for the circles ofcourse.
Depending on the power and speed one can make the filling dark or light and just emboss.

I keep the material down on a honeycomb with magnets as flush as possible.

Fine answer and very beautiful leather work :+1:

Thank you Bernd for your kind words:)

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