3D printable Camera Housing

I just uploaded this 3D printable camera housing to Thingiverse.

I use mine in a custom enclosure I built for my Shapeoko XXL with 5.5W Chinese Diode LASER.
The dust collector hose kept bumping into the camera so i decided to print a cover to protect it and keep it aligned.
Let me know what you think.


That’s a sharp looking design. The 90° camera has a very tiny lens and is challenging to adjust, as it does not protrude far from the circuit board. If one grips the lens housing in the wrong location, it is torn from the board. Having a lower profile housing up to the lens housing would be a better solution.

For your wide angle lens, your design is elegant.

Thanks, I can adapt the design for other cameras and/or lenses if needed. Just let me know.

Currently running the alignment wizard. I originally had the camera (temporarily) taped to the enclosure to test it. Temporarily turned into a couple months…
But its working great!

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