3D printed laser mounts, 55mm stl?

Quick version:
Bought a new tube, the diameter is bigger

(Longer version if interested:

this looks great:

but shipping from China :frowning: which will be a month, so does anyone have STLs for a 55mm mount that I can 3d print and use in the meantime? Hate to lose a month just waiting for the damn post.

Hey Bryan,

Have you checked thingiverse?

Yep, decided on this:

but would be happy if someone recommended something they used and know works…

I bought a new tube a few weeks ago… went from 50 to 55 as well. BUT… the clamps were wide enough to support the new tube.
They even added foam with the old tube to make that one fit even better.

So you might want to check that first before you print these?

No such luck for me :frowning:

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