3D Printer recommendations for new users

looking at a nice 3D printer

Ooooh, in terms of relative frustration, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet …

3D printing adds a (wait for it) third dimension where a 100 µm error will convert a perfect print into a bird’s nest tangle.

It’s the most-used machine in my shop, but plug-n-play it was not.

Which 3D printer gave you the bird’s nest? I am looking at the CreatBot D600 PRO.


I moved the 3D print question here. It’s a little bit off topic but several popular laser engraver controllers are similar to 3D printer controllers. I’m just starting into 3D printing but most of my coworkers are very well versed on the subject.

Many of the 3D printers are running Marlin, which is a type of g-code and more complex than GRBL.

I’m inclined to believe you.

CreatBot D600 PRO

At their “get a quote” level, when a print fails the service tech should knock on your door before you open the hatch.

AFAICT, workable 3D printers start around $500 these days, with cheaper ones requiring extensive refitting / improving / upgrading to make them workable.

The hype around 3D printers leaves out the requirement for solid modeling skills, because nobody else has exactly the part required for your project, whatever your project might be.

Solid models on sites with a myriad downloadable “things” tend to be broken in baffling ways. They’re somewhat like bad SVGs, only much more subtle, and utterly impossible for inexperienced users to either fix or work around.

Protip: there are only so many ugly gnomes you really need. :grinning:

I purchased a flashforge adventurer 4 to use on my artistic boxes I do with LightBurn. Well… not too impressed. I did do a full 32 piece chess set that turned out well… but I’ll stick to Laser and LightBurn for my boxes.

You can purchase something not expensive for the start e.g. 7 Best 3D Printers under 500 Reviewed (Fall 2022) Creality Ender is my choice. . My last printer the Voxellab one is a disaster. I ordered this Creality, and I cannot express my excitement when the first large print job is complete. The precision is a little off, but over all it is fantastic. It also does pretty well fast mode.