"3D Printing" on Wood with Lightburn?

Can lightburn be used to produce reliefs like these?


If so, I would like to see some posted on the Lightburn Facebook page where users post examples of their work – and provide sources for possible samples or supplementary software…

I have seen this done, but don’t remember which page it was on. If I remember right, it was about low/high power settings to get that 3d look, and multiple passes.

This was done with LightBurn from a grayscale image - it produces variable depth. There are lots of examples of this.

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How does one get a “variable depth”? If I tried this it would just look like a dithered/grayscale image or line drawing.

I could see using something like Photoshop and making several layers, aligning them and then printing multiple passes . . . but I’d like to know a little more about the settings and process from those who have done it as successfully as Oz has shown here.

Do a search of the message archives for “3D Engraving” and “Grayscale”. There is some good information in the archives. There are also a few good videos on Youtube.

On a CO2 laser, especially at higher power settings, true grayscale produces variable depth. You might have to do a few passes, but it’ll do this more easily than you might think.

Do a Google image search for “grayscale depth map” or “grayscale 3d map” and you’ll find lots of source material to play with.


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