3D relief attempt

I’ve been playing with 3D relief engraving on and off for a while. I did the attached and was quite pleased with the results. The pictures don’t do justice, there’s a bit of detail that really shows.

I did this with my 80W CO2 laser.

first pass
power 10% to 40% power
set gamma to .65
enhanced radius 5 amount 200

did a second pass
power 13% to 25%
gamma .9
enhanced radius 5 amount 200

I found many images to play with at 3axis.co ; note it is co not com


Very nice! What wood did you use? What kind of depth did you achieve?

It’s light Maple. My daughter took it so I can’t measure, but I’d say it was close to 1/4" deep.

Thanks, I’ll have to try it. I did go to the site you mentioned and didn’t find anything looking like the image above. Found a lot of junk. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place? Can you provide a more detailed link?

By the way, thank you very much for posting your settings. That kind of thing really helps the community.


There’s a lot more under the bmp category at the bottom of the page.


So your processing the file first? What program do You use for that?

All adjustments were done in Lightburn using it’s image tools. When you select the image, there are some tools in shape properties, for me, lower right corner of Lightburn

Ah, yeah, didn’t look there! Thanks!!!