3D revisited after a number of times

I am very interested in trying some 3D engraving. At this time I am not going to invest $400+ for software. The below “gobble-de-goop” is obviously from Pinterest which happens to be a source for some experimenting, I think. Have tried to download some free files from what I believe was a Japanese Site to no avail. the supposed “free” takes you to pages of “junk.”

If I can get a file from the below pic can I place the file/photo in Lightburn and get any semblance of a 3D image? OR: Do I still have to have one of the several pieces of software for 3D?

Sorry for my infantile approach to this, very interesting but I don’t know how to go about it.


search 3d stl files or 3d stl photos in google But here is one to get you started

JESUS_CROSS-removebgSCRIPT.lbrn (2.2 MB)

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