3d slice option not working correctly

i am getting some weird lumps in my engraving with 3d slice option, ive tried dozens of settings and its always the same, but i found that if i rotate the image then re-slice it then it engraves without the lumps.
also is there any way to get the hatch lines to auto rotate in 3d slice mode like in ezcad, and any way to include cleaning passes while doing 3d slice ?

Did a bunch of metal dust accumulate on that side of the coin? Typically deep etch jobs like this really benefit from an air blow every now and then to clean off debris. Less likely, but you could also just have a coin with poor metallurgy, leaving harder alloys on one side of the blank.

no dust accumulating i have good extraction and air blowing across ,i watched it and the particles always
get removed ,also if i rotate the image and redo it then it doesn’t leave the bumps, its almost as if lightburn is adding them in the slicing process but when its moved and re sliced they disappear, this is the same file, same material just was sliced 180 degrees rotated

also it doesnt make any difference what the image is it always leaves random bumps

The patterning appears to me to be more material related than LightBurn related, but not ruling anything out at this point. Have you experienced a similar effect on materials other than Brass?

hi, it happens on just about anything but its strange if i rotate the image then re slice it works on the same material

Problem is fixed , turned out to be a faulty galvo

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