3D wireframe acrylic edge lit signs

Hello, I need your help with engraving 3D wireframe led signs.
I purchased design bundle of lamps like these.
My problem with those is that I didn’t find a way how to raster engrave it on acrylic.
It’s in dxf format and after import into lightburn it shows as lines (of course it is).
If I engrave those lines, the result is terrible and not as on those pictures.
What am I missing? I tried to turn it into bitmap, but it’s not working.
Thanks for help guys.

if it is line why would you raster engrave it?

Because I want those lines to have some thickness…

Then I would recommend refocusing your laser or using “Offset Shapes” with 0.2mm distance, it is for line objects much faster and the better solution

Thank you for your suggestion, I will try it!

I have engraved acrylic also. Used both lines and raster (for the tools). I also set the number of passes to 3 to help give the lines some depth without actually widening the lines. Seemed to work well.

Do you have any other details than the number of passes? Nice sign, but how you did it would be greatly appreciated.

I actually took the advice from another post. I painted a 1/4" thick piece of flat metal dark gray primer. Laid the plexiglass on it and started the burn. It actually burns from the bottom side, so no need to reverse the image. I used a 6" strip of led lights under the plexiglass. Then added a pushbutton on/off switch and wired the led’s to a connector to plug the transfor

mer into.

So the focus was on the painted surface of the metal piece? What power settings did you use? And what wattage is your diode? And what speed?

Here are the settings. 2 passes for wire frame and lettering, Grey Scale for the images. Using a 20W laser and focused on the metal.

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