3D wireframe acrylic edge lit signs

Hello, I need your help with engraving 3D wireframe led signs.
I purchased design bundle of lamps like these.
My problem with those is that I didn’t find a way how to raster engrave it on acrylic.
It’s in dxf format and after import into lightburn it shows as lines (of course it is).
If I engrave those lines, the result is terrible and not as on those pictures.
What am I missing? I tried to turn it into bitmap, but it’s not working.
Thanks for help guys.

if it is line why would you raster engrave it?

Because I want those lines to have some thickness…

Then I would recommend refocusing your laser or using “Offset Shapes” with 0.2mm distance, it is for line objects much faster and the better solution

Thank you for your suggestion, I will try it!

I have engraved acrylic also. Used both lines and raster (for the tools). I also set the number of passes to 3 to help give the lines some depth without actually widening the lines. Seemed to work well.