3m double sided tape

I need to cut some 3M automotive molding tape for a project on my Bronco. Anyone ever tired it before and if so do you have some setting for cutting it? Thanks

What’s the tape made of?

I’ve see a number of people cut ‘cork’ gaskets for automotive use.

There’s a video using the camera in Lightburn to capture and trace the image of the old gasket… pretty slick.


From what I can read it’s made from acrylic copolymer. So it should be safe on the laser. I guess I’ll burn 20 bucks on buying a roll and play around with it.

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Please report back. I’d really appreciate knowing which 3M material you tried and how it worked.

I have the Proform body trim-tape on hand.

I haven’t had much luck, I’ve tried fast and low %, slow and high %. Can’t find a happy medium, I’ve cut it but it’s melted it. I’ve put it on the back burner for a little while.

FWIW, 3M has really good tech support via a toll-free number. They have so many products that it may make sense to call them and get theirs recommendation.

I have used 3M 9474LE 300LSE Super-Strong Double-Sided Adhesive/Adhesive Transfer Tape in wood inlays. Works well, cuts easily and I have not noticed any fumes. The LSE stands for Low Surface Energy, which means rougher surfaces than acrylic, which I think sign makers use other 3M tapes for.