3mm material-thickness control tool / Gauge

Sometimes it goes too fast and I forget to check the thickness of the plywood. Especially 3mm Plywood is available in different thicknesses around 3mm. If I remember, I measure with a caliper and correct the drawing, if I don’t, there is only a 25% chance that I have the right material for the task in the machine.
So it was good that I had to check my settings for acrylic 3mm before I could confidently pass this information on to another thread here in the forum. I made a small tool with the 4 typical measurements that I get plywood delivered with. To decorate a bit, I have put some different radii on the corners. When I set my kerf to 0.075mm, it fits fairly precisely, of course it has to be adjusted as needed.

3mm-Gauge-Acryl.lbrn2 (65.2 KB)

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Can’t do clear acrylic on my diode laser, but I found the red sheets I use for eye protection can be cut. I have some 1.66mm ply too. Thanks for the file!

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I recommend that it should be as thick material as your machine can handle so that the gauge remains “shape stable”. Two times 1.66 Plywood will be fine, make a few centering aid holes and glue the parts together.

The sheets are 3mm.

If they couldn’t, the laser beam is passing through the material, making them useless for protection…

For the co2, I use Home Depot safety glasses for visitors… clear to visible light, not to co2 beam frequency of ir.


…well captured :+1: …it’s like if something is flammable it’s not suitable for firefighting.