3plaser type for lb

what type of laser is the 3plaser. Will I be able to use LB with the 3plaser 25w?

It’s a fiber laser. It states it uses EZCAD for it’s software, but doesn’t mention what type of controller it has. That is typically the determining factor.

It’s a very nice laser, what types of materials do you plan to use with it?

Good luck


If you’re talking about this one it’s an RF Fiber Galvanometer laser.
Here’s a demo of it on Youtube:

LightBurn has stated that Galvo laser support will be released in Q2 2022.

It’s currently in development. I see demos of RF fiber lasers and I haven’t seen a CO2 galvo laser demo yet.

Not all Galvo lasers will be supported. So far I’ve heard it’s EZCad 2 boards with a USB connection. If you have a board to plug into a PC or workstation to run it - it’s no-dice.

I didn’t know they even made them with a co2 tube. Could not find anything on the net that appeared to be co2 based…


Never seen one before, looks pretty trick. I guess you can see the beam power difference from the fiber models. Looked at serveral that stated they were co2, but the were not.

Is there a special advantage to galvo with a tube.?

Thank for the video… how much are these things?


If that’s a 150w tube with galvo optics then it will move fast enough to be able to engrave fine things and still mark and cut as needed. Air assist for one these seems to be a mysterious proposition.

This doesn’t appear to be an rf excited co2.

Unless they have a very quick lps and tube, the speed ability is useless for anything other than moving to the next laser spot.

All the lps that I’ve seen has a relatively slow response time which limits the speed you can engrave. Assuming you want to control the laser within it’s limits.

The video seems to show it engraving no faster than a regular laser but without any real delay between objects, where the laser is off.

Neat toy…


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