3rd mirror does not have adjustments

Hello, my red and black Chinese co2 laser machine does not have any knobs or screws to adjust the 3rd mirror. 1st and 2nd mirror have them. I unable to align my laser correctly as the 3rd mirror cannot be adjusted or moved. Anyone having same issue?

Hi, can you share a photo of the laser head please?

What did you change or modify that brought this to light?

I see a Y adjustment, but it’s too dark to see if there is an Z adjustment. For good adjustments it needs these two axes at least.

If this has been working, are you sure about the previous mirror adjustments?

If nothing gotten bent then you may have to try and duplicate the original optical path.

Most of the time you have to ‘catch’ the beam with the head or mirror 3.

Good example of why most of us have ‘done away’ with that type of head.

How ‘old’ is this?


I never changed it. Was like this when I bought it. There is no alignment for the Z axis.
I have this machine for almost 2 years now. Without being able to adjust the 3rd mirror, I am able to use only around 75 percent of the bed. So no means to do large cuts at one go.

Anyway, can I discard the actual head and upgrade to a more recent one? Any recommendation please?

There are a number of available heads out there…

Try Cloudray Laser and see what they have…

Russ Sadler has a better head, but it’s up to you to set it up. He is helpful if you have problems.

This is my replacement… it’s from Russ.

Good luck


Nice! Thank you


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