4 bottles of beer (or soda)

I Have recentrly finished my first project. A small crate for 4 bottles of beer (or soda)

The design was completely done in Lightburn. Thanks to youtube I figured out how to create the slots. It took almost 3 hours to complete it, but it was a worthwhile experience.

4 bierflesjes .lbrn2 (386,5 KB)


That’s a handy bit of equipment you’ve made! Did you use the Slot Resize tool?

If you ever scale your carrier up or down it might come in handy!

I’m interested in your handle choice! Thank you for posting this project.

…and whilst I know it isn’t part of the project, I love your tile mosaic splash-back!


I made the slots and tabs by hand. Measured the thickness of the material and added a litle bit to compensate the kerf (at that moment I didn’t even know what kerf was LOL)

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