40 watt neje power in lightburn

Hello, I am a novice to laser engraving. I have learned a lot but just enough to be dangerous. LOL
My question, which I can’t seem to find an answer to in the forum is this.
I have installed the 40 watt Neje laser onto my Ortur 20 watt LM2 because the 20 watt crapped out. Is there a way to make sure lightburn is set up to use the higher power of this laser other than the 0 to 100% setting for each project? It seems I have to use the same settings I did with 20 watt power even though I’m using twice the watts? I have seen posts referring to $120, etc and have no idea what these mean or where to find them in lightburn. Any help would be great!

You’ll likely need an upgraded power supply. You might be capped at 20 watts until you upgrade. Still pretty nOoB myself.

My machine is on a long burn right now, but that is in device settings but you can adjust it from the console. I beleive it’s for the x acceleration.
$120=10.000 (x accel, mm/sec^2)

Hi Willie, I am using the power supply that came with the 40 watt laser which is 4 amps? Do you think I need 6 to run everything?

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No, then likely not. Let’s see what the experienced folks have to say. What I will say is that the input doesn’t always equal the output. Your design might not be efficient, but just an early morning guess (with no coffee yet) is that you don’t have the beam focused correctly. And on that note, you can replace the stock lens of your laser module (pretty sure) with a G8 lens which will better focus your laser beam. Also, if you don’t have air assist, I’d look into that. Make sure you get a pump that is future proofed. You need something around 1,000 GPH.

I converted my om 2 to neje 30W , installed manual z axis adjustment , Belt tension adjusters, Used power supply that came with laser head 4W , Also kept using ortur power supply to run steppers , gantry ect , plenty of power , run slate coasters at 65% 3000 mm/min
White tiles 80% 1200 mm/min

So you used a power splitter to power the Laser module from the 4A supply while using the original Ortur supply for everything else?

Hi Marlene…

The power of your laser is not required for lightburn or any other software. It send a PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) control signal to the laser or laser supply. If you set the output to 50% it send a PWM that has a 50% duty cycle.

Here’s a cheat sheet for the grbl configuration numbers, it’s old and is missing some of the current available ‘registers’… Print it double sided it fits on one sheet…:smiley_cat:

You should go though the grbl lightburn setup. It explains that here, I believe. That value defaults to 255.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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So I found out where in lightburn to check to make sure it is utilizing the full power of the laser. The S value should be 1000. It made a HUGE difference in cutting and I am wondering why mine was set at 255 when I downloaded it last year. I had been only using a quarter of the power of my 20watt until it died.

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There are two numbers: One in LightBurn, and one in the laser firmware, and it really doesn’t matter what the numbers are as long as they match. We cover this in the documentation here.

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Where can I find my controller setting?

‘Edit’→’Machine Settings’ or type $$ in the ‘Console’ window, then hit Enter / Return for a list of current settings.