410c memory full problem

What is the biggest file I can upload to TW tl-410c? I’ve try to load 38MB .out file and it gives me an error “full memory”. There is no saved files in the memory.

According to Topwisdom the memory is 128MB

Is the source file 38mb, or have you saved an OUT file and checked the size of that?

38 MB is the .OUT file size. I’ve try to load it from PC and U-disk - same error.

I don’t have enough experience with the TopWisdom controllers yet to know if there’s a per-job size limit. There might be a way to fully reset / clear the memory on the controller that’s different than just deleting the files on it, but I’m not sure.

you might want to delete the files already in there, i have mine set to not keep the files in the machine

thanks but I just switched to Ruida cuz Tw was a pain and yes it is a BIG difference. Before I had to wait minutes to load the files and now it takes a seconds…