50 Lens Calibration Issue

Hi, I’ve just finished the calibration for my 150 lens & moved onto the 50 lens but keep getting this error on screen, so it will no start the calibration. Any thoughts please…

To start with check this setting is set to on
That corrected my issues

Ok, I’ll give that a try although there where no shapes on the bed!

The square with the lines through generated for the calibration may be the shape it is referring too

I did make the square smaller but got the same results, I will try your first option tomorrow :slight_smile:

The square I am speaking about is the one generated by the galvo lens setup program. It is automatic you draw nothing. Maybe some one else will chime in and have another Idea to help you

Yes, understood that, it generated a 50x50 sq, so I tried with a 45 & 40sq but still got the same. Let’s see if any others come up with ideas…

This is due to a bug in the current version affecting Galvo’s with Field Sizes under 100 mm, and will be fixed in version 1.6.00.

Good To Know

Thanks for the update… Just to let you know when trying to calibrate my 300 lens you cannot reduce the calibration area!

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