50% Off on Affinity Designer Right Now - $24.99

Affinity Designer is currently on sale for 50% off the regular price. Here is a link to their website…

I have been using Designer for a couple of months now and I find it easier to use than Inkscape, and MUCH less expensive than Illustrator and Corel Draw.

The only drawback I’ve seen so far is there is no auto-trace function, but the developers say that will be coming.

I am not affiliated with Affinity in any way, just giving everyone here in the Lightburn community a heads-up to a bargain.


The iPad version also 50% off and it is only $9.99. My favorite benefit is that is subscription free.

Hi. Can you tell me what I would use this for? I am interested in the application, but I don’t know why. Is this for drawing / creation of original work? I do so much drawing just using CAD applications, I am trying to understand if I should be expanding my horizon.

Thanks for any info you may have to enlighten me.

It is a vector graphics based program that is easier to use than Inkscape. If you are comfortable using a real CAD program, then this would not be a program you would be interested in.

Bought it and like it… :spades:

Ok. Thanks for the info. Maybe they have a trial and I’ll check it out.

Don’t forget if you are saving your work as svg make sure your your saving at 96dpi to get the same size in Lightburn

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I mainly use a cad program too (CMS Intellicad), but a vector graphics program like Affinity Designer, Inkscape, and Illustrator are better for things like converting raster images to vectors that the laser cutter needs. Easier for creating logos too.

True. I mostly use Paint.net for those conversions.

Thanks for the tip!
Going to give it a try… although I am going to miss the auto trace function :wink:

There’s a lot more than that to miss if you’re coming from Illustrator.

Thanks for the heads up :wink:

$24.99 forever vs. $239.88 for one year

Some sacrifices will need to made

Sacrifice features or dead presidents

Does anyone know what the proper SVG export setting are for Affinity Designer so it opens in the correct size in Lightburn? Or will I always need to resize in Lightburn?

SVG’s can be created in mm or inches instead of in pixels, and then the DPI doesn’t matter.

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