5500 laser for Metal

Hi I recently successfully tested a new cnc 3018 with a 5500 w laser. I tried on normal metal lid for a jar and the laser has not made a scratch. How can I make a decent print on a metal jar?

I have successfully used the laser on wood

If it is a real 5,500 watt laser it must be huge. Are you sure about the wattage, that should cut through 1/4 inch steel.

I meant mw regular for cnc 3018

I use brilliance laser inks to mark metal. I have heard Cermark works as well but costs more. I use a 80 watt laser, not sure if you could do it with a 5.5 mw diode laser?

Tried and tried but no. It is my first time trying on materials. The machine is new.i successfully made it to create something on silicon, plastic (safely) and wood so far.

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