$57.83 laser 3000mw, 200x290mm, time for parts swapping

To PI & all curious others:

I have been busy but I found that cheap laser I was talking about. It’s a Cenoz with 200 x 290mm
work area. They claim it has a 3000mw opt. output power. The price, are you ready for this,
just $79 bucks. I found it on Amazon and I almost ordered it. I took one last look around on the net and I found this!!, an Ewbuel laser, ( I think its an Ewbuel, that’s the web site I found it in.) it looks almost just like the Cenoz, same size working area and they too claim a 3000mw laser. So I ordered it
and it cost me a bag full of money. $57.83 with free shipping and no tax. So I ordered it a few hours ago. Now I just have wait and wait and then wait some more. Something like 6 weeks delivery time, oh well I can live with that. For some time I have been shopping for just a laser assembly and power supply itself and if this laser really is a 3w. Then 58 bucks for the assembly & power supply is not a bad deal. (I don’t think?) And my plan from the start was to get the most power for least amount of money and mount the new laser to my ortur 1.6w frame work. Anyway, I’ll give update after it comes in.

PS>: I went into Ewbuel, did a search for 3000mw lasers and they have a bunch of stuff,
although 3w was the largest I saw. They have a dozen lasers for kids and little bitty desk top models
with 38x38mm working area. They have two white ones that are pretty cool looking. They are all 3w.,
and their most expensive unit is $79.99.

Ok, I’m gone for now, update later.
R Cline

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Some kind of link would be nice…

I don’t see it or a site… can’t find it…

Sounds pretty optimistic for such a low cost, be careful. I’ve seen this before with other sites and gotten taken.

Input of 30watts to my Neje outputs < 3 watts. Most led lasers are input wattage… A good ball park is 10%, although the state otherwise…


here is the link that goes to the page I am looking at right now, hope this works. My ortur 15w is putting out 4.5 w. and my ortur 7w. puts out 1.6 w I wonder if there is not something wrong with your Neje?
And for $58 I’ll take a gamble on it, I’ll be able to tell on the first burn if it’s good or not. Lets keep our fingers crossed and I’ll update everyone.


or try this one — Search - 3000mw laser engraver

good luck with these - R cline

Love to look but I get a server error when I go to the site itself, so can’t make much of a guess.

If it sounds to good to be true…

Look at most of the documentation on lasers. Led lasers have what they call a maximum efficiency of about 20% however most are around 10%. I judge mine on what 10% power is on my co2 (about 4.4 watts) and the led is substantially less. It’s my most powerful, but also my third. They all have had less than 10% efficiency. I doubt they are all bad…

The Chinese had a great tendency to ‘inflate’ the specifications.

How did you measure your output? I use a Mahoney on the co2.

I bought one from one of these lasers from a site for around $75 and I got a 25 cent purse for the trouble.

Got back about $50 in cash after a few months dealing with them and the rest in frustration…

Hope you have better luck, I’ll try the site again later.


Looks like a scam site to me.

I can’t even connect to https://www.ewbuei.com/

I get a " 500 Internal Server Error"

Where you able to connect to the site?


Yes. It all the signs of a scam site.

jack - I don’t know why you can’t connect, I just scrolled back up my post and clicked on “both” links and they went straight to where I said they would. I also learned that ewbuel is like wallyfart, bed & bath and ross stores all rolled up in one.

laser engraving machine Laser Engraver Printer Off-line 3000mW Upgrade Version CNC Pro DIY Logo laser engraver (3W)

Search - 3000mw laser engraver

try these, they work for me.
R Cline

Try this one


It comes up on my phone… looked at their products…

Fails on the other Ubuntu machine…

A complete 3018 Pro with a 3000mW laser for $62…?


I think @HalfNormal nailed it…

Good luck…


I wouldn’t go near that site for love nor money…

I’m hoping that I can get a laser and the power supply for the $58. If it turns out to be phony, then no great lose. And the rest of the unit will be spare parts in a drawer. And after looking up prices on 2020 & 2040 ext. al., all the nuts, bolts, and the steppers. Heck, $58 for those spare parts is a good deal. So what if I get ripped off on the laser head, I’ll start one of those “I got ripped off” shows. Get people to sign up, I might even bring more money in than I would spend on junk. (LOL). “NOT” - you won’t get in front of a camera.
OH! - Thank you Jack for the info on the Mahoney, I ordered one last night. I’ll let you know when my junk comes in, see if I get to start a new show or not! (LOL)

I know you are optimistic about this… but

you are under a serious delusion that you will receive anything of any value, let alone something you could actually use… they could sell that… legitimately.

I ordered an led module for around $70, thought it was a good deal as they were usually about $140. Couple days later I saw an add from the same site with the co2 I have now for $80… mine is a 5030… Couldn’t even ship one here for that. At that point, I realized I’ve been scr**ed… No way to stop it by then.

I did get a purse worth about 2 bits or 25 cents. :crazy_face:

These are scams, they take your money, send you something that costs them less than 1% of what you sent them and argue with you about it. I had to go to the state district attorney and I think they could only shut down the site…

Good luck, let us know when you get it… I’m hoping I’m wrong


I took the gamble and ordered it, got an e-mail today saying that they shipped it out today, they say that it will be here 06-30 -22, so this Thursday we will find out if I got something or will I start a scammed show.
Only 4 days to get here, it must be getting shipped out from here in the states.
wish me luck.

Good luck…

Got my fingers crossed it turns out well…


I hope that I am wrong, but I think you lost your money. If you go to their site and click the Contact us link, you will see an address for a residential home in Fort Wayne Indiana, along with a phone number of “Telephone: +12052956529”. Following the phone number down that rabbit hole leads to several companies (Utyket.com, Urwfoe.com, Xqlvau.com and Ewbuei.com to name a few), all of which seem to advertise very inexpensive prices on a variety of goods, and all of them seem to be showing up as scam sites or businesses on the BBB watch lists for alerts based on “a pattern of complaints filed against XQLVAC, concerning misrepresentation of products advertised on the business website”.

I would try to cancel the deal or dispute the charge and get my money back immediately if I were you.

Good luck

This may not be what you want to read but nevertheless… Do you really think that $79 is going to bring you a high quality item? Or any quality if it comes to that. The key thing to note with lasers is they are easy to get wrong and they could hurt some unsuspecting person. IF that company actually send you anything resembling a diode laser (with a real 3W output) it is likely to be poorly assembled and unsafe to use. If it goes wrong, you are very unlikely to be able to find anyone who will accept responsibility for that. Good luck getting it repaired or replaced if it arrives DOA.

More apposite, is why would you trust the cheapest item on the market (if it is real and delivered) to do what you want reliably, effectively and safely? Pick a well known and trustworthy manufacturer knowing that they will stand over their products and support you in the early days of getting things to work. I don’t have a dog in this fight and if you really must spend your money on junk, that is entirely your business.

The heads up is if you actually get anything from them, it could really cause harm from fires to incorrectly provided laser radiation. My interest is in preventing you from getting hurt. If you can afford to pay $79 for a non-essential item, then you can probably afford to lose it and that loss will be the best outcome you can hope for.

Any power output above 500mW makes this a class iv laser. Check the OSHA regulations in the USA or HSE regulations in the UK. You should not be buying these products from unknown sources. $79 is cheap but it wont be a bargain if it sets fire to your home or burns you severely.

There must be hundreds of users on these forums who could advise you as to the best products.

When I first saw your reply, I read the first two lines and blew you off.
Then I went back and read your whole reply.
My response: 1- I am a retired electrical engineer with 42 years experience.
2- You didn’t even bother to say “wish you luck”.
3- Please read “all” my follow up posts complete with pictures
and then “PLEASE” tell me again just what I need to do!

PS. I’m the proud owner of 4 lasers and 2 routers, Thank You very much !!

That is not my interest.

Many of this type of forum are populated with beginners. I was not trying to impugn your 42 years of experience as an electrical engineer. Clearly, that trumps the experience that many on the forum (including me) will not have had. I looked at the laser site and judged it to be more of the usual from a nondescript Chinese company. My experience with two Chinese machines of quite considerable cost is this: Poorly designed and poorly made pieces of kit.

Electrons are electrons and no matter how you push them around your workpiece and work environment, it should make no difference when you understand what you are doing. The low standards of QA that appear to beset Chinese goods dictates that they are a non-option for me. My concern was that you would be buying a poor piece of kit. It was not an attempt to teach you how to do what you know very well.

Hello Jeff:
You are “right” on almost “EVERYTHING” from China is a gamble. I ordered the Cenoz laser from Amazon for $79, yes it came from China also. After 3 days Amazon still would not give me a tracking # nor a shipping date. Then I stumbled across a laser from China for $58. So I ordered it and did a cancellation on the Amazon deal. With in about 3 seconds after sending my cancellation, I got a reply of denial on my order cancellation and said that they would be shipping in a “FEW” days. (still no ship/track info). I don’t play games their way. I called my attorney, (who is my brother in-law) and sicked him on Amazon. And the war begins !! The really funny part is that the only judge in my county is my 4th cousin and the sheriff is about the same. (Clay county has not one single “police” dept., just the sheriff) So if we go to court, I pretty much win hands down.
Anyway, back to the lasers. My whole plan from the start was shooting for spare parts, after looking up lots and lots of parts on the net. I stumbled across the Cenoz. Darn good deal for spare parts, then I saw “aka” 3 watts? No way! Well it does out burn my little 7w. laser, (1.6 w) by a long shot. The $58 rig is a
Ewbuei and it looks like it"s the same as the Cenoz.
I just took a few minutes, tracked my Ewbuei, being shipped by “CHINA POST”, LOL. From 07/02 through 07/05 it says the same thing. LA, USA and then the rest is Chinese. Nothing after the 5th of this month. I might just get burned on this one. We will see, I hope not.
After burning those ceramic tiles with Cenoz, I think I’m going to order parts to enlarge this litttle thing.
It’s getting late, I better go for now. I look forward to chatting with you again.

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