5Mg Camera for K40

Hi, I am about to purchase a camera.
My K40’s 350mm wide bed is roughly 500mm below lid apogee and where the camera will be mounted. This brings up couple of questions:


For this setup and for having good resolution and less of a fisheye effect i would go for either 70deg or 90deg but this means that i wont have a full view of the bed when the lid is closed (side view). i was hoping to be able to use the camera also when the lid is closed as i can foresee how the laser head and X gantry will be blocking the view of the bed is some cases. this is not a show killer but i was thinking if 120deg will support both angles (top view/side view) than i would go for 120deg but i wish to do so knowing i will still have a good resolution from top view without the need to go for 8Mg. i don’t see a reason for higher than 5Mg for my small machine.

Manual Gain control

I do not want a camera which has only AGC exposure. i want to be able to manually set the exposure and lock it. how can i be sure the camera i order will have manual exposure control and not only automatic? I need a flat image of the laser bed. A contrasted image with AGC on is as good as not having a camera at all.


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