5mm circles not smooth

My small circles are not smooth, they look jagged. My X and Y drivers are set at 2000 steps.
Any suggestions on how to get them smoother?

This is a DIY build with a Ruida 6445G Controller.

Thank you all!

That’s something that’s likely easier to diagnose if we see a photo of the result. It wont be about the stepper driver setting. Mechanical problems are most likely but a photo would help diagnose.

Hi Hank,
Take a look at photo, I hve
a 2 5 10 and 15mm circle. 2 and 5 seem a little off.

They look a little flat on the sides like maybe there’s some x axis play.
And maybe it’s just the flatness on the sides but they look like they might be kind of narrow anyway.

If you run a 10" square does it really measure exactly 10" on each side?

Created a 12in x 12in square. I seem to be about .5mm out of square.
Is that enough to do it?

Wil this cause circles not to meet up correctly as well?

Thanks Hank!

I do seem to be a little off from 12". Im using 300mm x 300mm but i got 303mm x 302mm.
Going to enter correction tomorrom and try again.

Thats hat it was Hank. I was off a bit. Used a 300mm square. Circles look much better now.

Thank you!

Now it’s time to make some cool stuff. :smiley:

Yes sir, my daughter is already designing stuff.
She has a bachelor’s from MassArt she is so excited.

Thanks again Hank I’m sure there will be other problems that will crop up.

I have no doubt. I’ve had mine over 2 years now and there’s STILL problems that crop up. Sometimes machine problems, sometimes operator problems.
Still learning…

Patiently waiting to see some of the stuff your daughter makes. :slight_smile:

Will definitely post on LB.

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