5mm error on the Y axis

Hi, I have a few bugs with LightBurn after I purchased the license. I had no issues during the 30 day trial, but then things started getting wonky right after I entered the GRBL license. I’m using an Ortur LaserMaster 2. During the trial, I engraved a 25mm grid pattern on the floorboard as well as several dozen projects, including 10" by 14" canvases. However, after I entered the license (LightBurn firmware latest version as of today), the laser seems to shift around 5 mm on the y axis too much. For example, 70mm is now at 75mm from origin. The laser upon bootup auto homes, then i home again. If I frame, it is often overshot by 5mm on the y axis. If I enter a precise coordinate and move the laser there, it is accurate sometimes. Sometimes, I manage to get the framing accurate but when it starts engraving it shifts upwards so I often end up with partially cut edges on my tiles and test canvas. X axis is still accurate.

Another issue is now that once its done cutting and automatically returns to home, the laser module basically slams into the origin limit switch with a loud bang. If I manually home, from any location, it gently stops immediately hitting the switch. How do I fix these problems? It is making the laser unusable.

You are the other person who describes a bad experience that occurs after LightBurn is purchased / the trial period has expired. The LightBurn people do not punish people for buying their software, rendering their machines unusable or destroying their precious material. It would be completely illogical, why should they do that?

As with everything else, a logical explanation must be found. Of course, it is not optimal that your experience with paying for this software “ends” for you where you are now. But because the LightBurn people are obviously upset about having dissatisfied customers, they will probably sign up on the field here very soon. (I think it’s an unfortunate interplay of other circumstances that have nothing to do with an “update” that gives you the issues you mention.)

Until that happens I will mention the things I do every time I update LightBurn. I always have a copy of a working session`s settings saved ($$ data) that I can use for a 100% re-establishment with all the necessary settings. A quick look at the machine settings from LightBurn also tells me if my home position and machine profile is correct.
I can also reinstall an older LightBurn version at any time if I’m happier with this version (with my original, working settings)

I hope you are back on track very quickly with your laser.

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