60 degree camera works great for a K40, but I'd recommend the 90 degree

Just feedback. I installed the 60 degree camera on my K40. The picture is fantastic once focused and configured. Really happy with it.

If you are looking to put a camera on the inside lip of the lid of a K40 I suggest you consider the 90 degree camera. The 60 works well for me but it is j-u-s-t b-a-r-e-l-y picking up the edges of the burn area. I think I would have gone for the over-coverage offered by the 90 degree cam. Just my 2 cents.

Thanks, LightBurn Team! :blush:

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How did your results vary from what Lightburn suggested?
How far above the bed is your camera?

The camera lens is 16.75 inches from the surface. The camera works great - wonderful image quality and accuracy. The image just cuts off a fraction of an inch from two sides - which is my mounting error more than anything. I think I would have gotten the next wider camera lens to give me more room for error, and to provide more flexibility in use on other future laser beds.



Yup. I was pushing the guidelines. The mounting point is actually a bit higher (17.5") than the lens distance. Either way I violated the guidelines since I was in the middle. Call it a cautionary tale for other camera buyers. :grin:

I’m glad you brought it up. It’s beneficial to all :slight_smile:

At least you could measure it. When I ordered mine and waited, I couldn’t find any commercial place that could tell me. Probably could have fished…

Thanks, take care :smiley_cat:

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