60w Orion Motor Tech Rotary Attachment?

I purchased a rotary attachment as seen in the amazon link. Its 2 phase but did not have 4 pin round connector, just unterminated wires on the plug end. I ordered a 4 pin round connector, however, I cannot find documentation of the proper pinout so I can solder it on. Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in Advance for any guidance…


Get your meter / continuity tester out. You will have conductivity in each coil, A and B. Wire them up, doesn’t matter A vs.B as long it’s coil on coil connections, but if you have to solder, make sure there is someplace, even at the driver, that you can swap connections for one of the coils.

Plug in and test. If it’s going the right direction… go buy a lottery ticket. If it’s backwards, reverse the connections you left available. Then think about that lottery ticket.

I’ll leave calibrating the diameter into your controller to you. I still don’t have mine quite right… but I’ve only used it three times in a year on three different projects.

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