64bit or 32bit OS/LightBurn

A purely theoretical question, is a 32 bit system (windows and LightBurn) “less good” than a 64bit sytem?

64 bit will be able to handle large files and will potentially be a bit faster.
Granted, every Intel/AMD CPU from the last 10+ years is 64-bit so I’m not sure why you’d be running 32-bit.

Hi Adam,

It’s not because I want to start a religious war, 32bit against 64bit …

I am in the situation that I have to make a decision which PC I will use in the future in my workshop. Since Christmas last year, I have been struggling with a connection issue with my K40 / Mini-Gerbil and my work computer. This computer, a Windows7 / 32bit OS computer, ran exclusively Lightburn and all my project data and experiments are on this machine. It made the task very stable and fast. I “normally” do not go online with my work computer and especially this one is not updated either, that is probably why it runs so well.

The new computers, 64bit and Windows 10 could not solve my problem either, ie. the problem was not with the computer but my K40 / controller. I also installed Lunux Mint on another computer to try and troubleshoot and today (my laser is finally running again- big thanks to Awsome Tech !!!)) I had to decide if I want to roll everything back to the good old 32bit Windows7 computer or keep one of the new computers in my workshop.

Looks like I could become good friends with Linux Mint 64bit in combination with LightBurn, 64bit. So far I have not found anything that does not work as well as under Win7 at least. Windows10 is constantly trying to get online to update 1000 things …

I think I insert the old hard drive from the windows 7 computer into the Linux computer as another hdd and use the existing data structure to load and save older projects.
(… and I mean you’re a Linux man, so it should probably go well :wink:

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