700x500 beds size

Is there a way to utilize the full size of the bed for a cut, keep getting out of bounds when I get a few inches away?

With DSP controllers, the speed of the job will determine the amount of additional travel required to slow for the change of direction, known as overscan. You can slow down, requiring less overscan.

How do you change the over scan?

Slowing the job down. The overscan required for a given job is a calculation done internal to the DSP controller. We do not have direct access to adjust these calculations like we can with GCode based control systems.

I have it setup in lightburn for 700x500 I’m lucky if I can get close to 700 I maybe make it to 500mm

Just a thought. Do you have the bed size set up in Device settings?


My machine is also a 700 x 500

I have it setup to the 700x500 but it never gets close to that.

Tell us about the job you are wanting to run.

Anything over 20x22 inches will not work

Please provide details.

At what speed and what type of cut? You have not said. Please provide the file, screen captures of the settings for this file, LightBurn settings, what type of job you are trying to produce, image work, vector cutting, something, so we can “see” what you are trying to do. Without that, very difficult to offer suggestions for how you might resolve. :slight_smile:

Have you tried a different software to see if you get the same results using the exact same settings?

Is this new behavior? Have you been able to successfully run similar jobs before using LightBurn?

That sounds about right. 20 x 22 inches is 508mm x 559mm.
A bed width of 700 mm - 559 = 141mm. That’s about 5.5 inches. Divided by 2 that gives about 2-3/4" of “acceleration room” for the head to get up to speed and slow down at the end of each pass.
That seems totally normal from what I’ve experienced. (also have a 700 x 500 machine)

If you scan slower you need less acceleration space so you can go a little bigger before you run out of room. You can also try increasing the acceleration in the controller, but too high leads to lost steps and unhappiness.

But yeah, if you’re trying to scan at 300-400mm/sec then having your workspace shrink to 22 inches is normal.

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I believe the Ruida hardware handles overscan on it’s own.

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