708c lite and Enable PPI setting

I have the 708c Lite controller and a standard DC 80watt tube. When cutting acrylic it looks like hundreds of little vertical lines (I assume pulsing of the laser) Does the enable ppi setting have any bearing on controller the frequency of the laser? Or any tips on improving the cut quality. I currently run between 8-10mm/s for 1/4" cast at near max tube power.

I’ve never personally done acrylic, but from what I’ve read, you want to cut slow so the laser has time to melt the edges. Might take some trial and error. But even then, 10mm/sec is already pretty slow, so I don’t know.

havent tried slower then 8 yet… fortunately the edge finish isnt super important for what I am making but I figured if I could improve on it why not LOL

I have found this series very helpful.


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