7W diode laser settings whitepaper

This weekend I completed my DOE for optimizing my laser settings for the 7W diode laser I use with Lightburn software. I could post this whitepaper in this forum if someone can point me to where that should be located.
Essentially, this walks through the process of finding the Z height where you get the smallest dot, and explains how to get to an optimal DPI setting, and why using different DPI settings will cause sub-optimal results.

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You can use the upload button in the post editor.

The upload button doesn’t work for PDFs. It only works for jpg, jpeg, png, gif, lbrn, txt, lbset files.
I could post the file to my website and put a link to that in this thread. I’ll work on that today.

Update: I published this whitepaper to the Karten Products website this morning. https://www.kartenproducts.com/technical-support

FWIW, a trick used in other fora is to add an extension to the file that is acceptable to the forum and upload that with instructions on how to modify the file once it’s downloaded. Another thing that works if the forum supports uploading zip files is to zip it and then upload. That probably doesn’t need much instruction.

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Good tip! I’ll try that next time.

This is an update to an old post from last January. People are still trying to get the 7W diode laser white paper, but I migrated my website over to an eStore around Thanksgiving and this didn’t make the cut. That website is still www.kartenproducts.com, but you can order things I make now. It was info-only, before.

The whitepaper is available for viewing here: