8 MP Camera 50 HZ

Hi, mi Camera is working ok, but i see some stripes moving through the liveview. Maybe 60HZ / 50HZ problem.
How to set Camera to 50 HZ?

These cameras do not work that way - it isn’t a video camera, it’s more like variable exposure. It is possible if you are using fluorescent or LED lighting that those lights are pulsing, and being picked up by the camera.

I’ve testet now some other Software like Yawcam with the 8MP Camera.
In the setting of Yawcam you can adjust 50/60Hz but there is still flicker only other speed of flicker. I found out if i set the Camera Brightness in Yawcam to manually to -4 the flickering is nearly gone. Please integrate in Lightburn a live Camera Configuration Windows where some Camera Setting like Brightness,Contrast,Color, and so on can be adjusted.
This would be a great Thing for Lightburn.

This is already done for the next release.

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