80 W CO2 laser Ruida 6332

Hı everyone, Just like in the picture, very poor quality.Any ıdea?

It doesn’t look good, I’ll grant you that, but with the information you’ve given, it’s almost impossible to come up with a useful guess.
It could look like a mechanical problem or settings that are not right, … but without information it is just unqualified guesswork.

I am using Speed limit 100 mm/s. Power 10-20! And Light burn also cant read the Vendor settings…and I am connected with Usb.I am using Windows.Thank you.

Your power might be a bit high but the speed shouldn’t be a problem.
Has the machine always been like this or is it something new?
When you engrave a circle, is it round as it should be? and do the ends meet correctly?
If the machine is new, have you done “scanning offset adjust”?
But I would start by checking the moving parts of the machine and check if the lens is tight in the nozzle and cannot move.
If it is a mechanical problem, it may be because one of the small pulleys is loose, i.e. the small screw that holds the pulley on the axis may be loose. It can be hard to see.
Belts that are too tight are just as problematic as belts that are too loose. So there is something for you to look out for. Hope you figure it out.

Interestingly, there is a problem with the text letter O on the far left in the picture! However, when I make a geometrically round circle, it works cleanly.

In my opinion, it is related to the fact that the letter “O” is an oval and has other directions changes as a circle.
For me, it is a mechanical problem that I mentioned in my second answer.

When you reduce your speed down to 10 mm/s and power as far down as possible, so you can just see engraving clearly enough, your letter “O” will probably look fine. Similarly, the problems will appear more clearly at high speeds.(200-300mm/s)

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Problem was with the Vendor parameter…Solved.

Can you be a little more accurate what Vendor parameter is due to this problem?, it could be very interesting to other users as well.

Sure I have to change Vendor parameter.I am sharing on the pic…

Thanks, that’s interesting.
It’s not LightBurn you use to change the parameters?

I changed the parameter on Lıghtburn also .I am using Lıghtburn.