80 watt red and black ruida settings


I made a mistake and did a factory reset. Does anyone have the correct settings for the machine (ruida) for a light burn configuration?

If you have a 6445 I have a backup of my vendor setting on my Google Mod Page

I have a 644XG :frowning:

I don’t know if the 6445 and the 644X use the same vendor settings, but I would be inclined to say yes as they are both 4 axis controllers.

Another other option would be to watch Matt’s video on changing to a Ruida controller. He goes through most of the screens to let you program the info in. Wouldn’t be as quick, but the data should be pretty close.

Oz might be able to jump in here and confirm one way or the other between them as well.

If the 6445 file works in the 644X let me know and I’ll add that info to my notes. If it doesn’t, let me know and send me a copy of your vendor file for the 644X to add it to my collection on the Mod Page.

Did a quick search, and the X vs the 5 is the display. X is 320x480, the 5 is 854x480. If that’s true, then that would be an HMI difference, not a vendor setting… I;m guessing.

This may be helpful.


You might have luck asking someone here;


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Yes, my red and black 80 watt’s 6442G files are available for download on RDWorksLab.

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