80w CO2 Spraypaint on canvas - NOT a fan

Lets start out with this. The smell makes me want to vomit… I am not sure I will do this again. I mean its bad…

What I did. Started with painting half the canvas red the other half blue. Let it dry for a while then painted black.

My laser wont fire any lower than 9% so I figured I would do tests at 400mm/s starting at 9% and increasing by 1% just to figure out whats up. As you can see on the top row we quickly stripped just about all the paint on the top row.

Second row I figured lets increase it to 500mm/s and keep the rest the same. While the second square had a little more paint you can see I had to abort there too.

So… 9% turns out to be the only thing I can use… So I started on the third row all 9% dropping down by 50mm/s each square going left.

The bird on the bottom is a duck flying a way that a photographed earlier this year and then used lightburn to turn into a fun little drawing.

So what would I do different. Well… I think I need more paint. I only put one layer of color and one layer of black. I think it would do better with a good base code of white or something. Then give it two layers of color and perhaps two layers of black to cover it up. I might just order a lower powered laser to mess with too. 80w is a bit much :smiley:

Let me know what you may or may not have tried. Oh and if you try it be ready for the stink :face_vomiting:

I know the smell. In spite of having a sealed machine with actuator activated blast gates for exterior fresh air intake and exhaust (with my fume extraction impeller outside of the building so the system is always under vacuum), there are a few materials or finishes that still stink once that lid opens and certain spray paint is one of them. Worse (omg) is stamp rubber.

Thanks for the heads up on the rubber stamp!!! I have a guy that wants me to try one :-D. I might just have to so no :wink:

I’ve never used it, but I did happen to come across low odor laser rubber the other day: