80watt China Black and Red with Ruida RDC6442 crashing into corner

Hey Guys,
I have the above unit that was working fine, switched off after use, next day turned it on and its crashing past the limit switches.
The prox sensors are lighting up ok, and the lights on the controller unit are activated when the sensors have their respective lights on.
Controller failure?
Side note, lightburn updated that evening, although i was using it after the update.
anyone having similar issues?

How your machine boots and homes has nothing to do with Lightburn. Even if you disable homing in the controller for an axes, it will still home the other one.

There are a couple of tacts to take into consideration.


If it fails on power up, it’s probably hardware. That’s when most electronics die … of course it could happen on power down, but you wouldn’t know it till power up…

If it fails while it’s running, it could still be hardware or it could be something is loose. If the controller is indicating that the home sensors are being read properly that would point to a controller issue.

We see these controllers fail, but I’d double check the power supplies to ensure something isn’t flaky… The Ruida seems pretty tough.

If you do decide it’s the controller and want to replace it, I’d find firmware for it and try reloading it before I pitched it… or bought another one. Nothing to loose at that point.

Good luck


Hey Jack thanks for the reply, I think you may have an uncanny knack of reading minds :slight_smile: Didnt think Lightburn was at anyway involved, as it does it without the computer on. Found the firmware and updated, no luck , looks like new controller time.

Just because the sensors light up- doesn’t mean they are getting the signal to the controller. I’d check the connectors at the controller with a meter.

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He advised that the limit leds on the controller are indicating that it is reading the the sensors properly…

Not much else… I can think of…

Good luck


New controller on the way, fingers crossed

I’ll keep my fingers crossed… :crossed_fingers:

Make a backup of the original controller configuration as you will have to replace the ‘factory default’ one when you get it…

Take care


As i said i reckon your a mind reader :slight_smile:

friend, have you been able to solve? I have the same problem.

my machine is 2 months old