81 Year OldNewbie, early project

Finally managed to print a clean/clear copy of the manual (new HP 7003 printer) and the more I play with it, the more I’m loving LightBurn! A little experimentation, some help off a Facebook group and I have figured out how to use the layers to set power, speed and sequence of different parts of a project. Scren Capture of the LB main page and the settings I used for the project. (Ham Radio Challenge Coin, 2mm Plywood.)


Gosh you youngsters learn pretty quick! I will be 90 in January and still “trying” to learn.
Have a great day!

It should be for a worked all states or worked all countries… not just a call and station location :crazy_face:


Agree, but it’s still a work in progress so that’s a great idea. I HAVE worked all states , and 302 countries, all on CW, PLUS QRP DXCC as well. the W.A.S. idea is certainly a good one and if I do the WAC, I’ll have it say “Worked more than 300 countries on CW” Actually, I think the best one will be using the QRP DXCC for the challenge. I’ll put that on the back of the coin but before I do that, I have to put a couple of centering pointers on the laser head so I can accurately position it to the center of the circle. I’ve seen some mounts for something like that on “thingiverse.com” and I also have a really good 3D printer, so that would be doable. Just got the laser last Friday though so haven’t even come close to getting that kind of stuff set up yet.

Can you post a photo of the coin?


Have a great day yourself Marion. I used to teach electronics for the Army during the last 10 years of my 20 year career. I learned to learn quickly, LOL. A friend of mine mentioned an old saying he heard a while back, “If you know something, you can do something.” Sure fits this hobby, HA!

Ok Jack, here it is - front side only - haven’t put anything on the back yet.

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