8MP 4K-W or 4K-N : what choice ? what difference

Hello, i’m neewbie in the world of laser and Lightburn.
I’ve bought a chineese laser 700mmx500mm 80W.
I would like buy a camera. I use help menu in Lithtburn.

I would like good definition.

I see that i can use 8MP 4K-W or 8MP 4K-N.
What difference please ?

What’s the best ?

Thanks for your help and sorry for my english, i’m french, english is far away for me… :wink:

Mounting height can be 800mm

N means narrow (4:3, like old television) and W means wide (16:9 letterbox, like cinema). Your laser is closer to the N size than the W, though it’s not terribly large, so a 5mp camera would work well for you too. N cameras do not work with MacOS.

N signifie étroit (4: 3, comme une vieille télévision) et W signifie large (16: 9 boîte aux lettres, comme le cinéma). Votre laser est plus proche de la taille N que du W, bien qu’il ne soit pas très grand, donc un appareil photo 5MP fonctionnerait bien pour vous aussi. Les caméras N ne fonctionnent pas avec MacOS.

Thanks, i’ve bought a 5M

Hello all,

I’ve received today my camera. Thanks.

I’ve downloaded calibration-circles.png. But i didn’t found target marker image… Do i must engrave it with laser ? I’m not sure understanding…

The circles pattern is used to measure the distortion of the camera lens. In the latest version of LightBurn there are presets we’ve done for our cameras, so if you have one of those you can just use the preset and skip that step (though it might be slightly better if you do your own).

The target marks are engraved by the laser itself, and this is necessary every time you do the alignment because the software has to measure where the laser put those marks, relative to where the camera is.

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