8mp lightburn camera mount

Here is my take on the 8mp camera mount. All cut from 3mm acrylic.

You’ll need…3mm acrylic
3- m3x20 machine screws
3- m3 nuts
4- 6-32 x .5 machine screws
4- 6-32 nuts
1- 10-32 x 1 carriage bolt
1- 10-32 wingnut

8mp lb cam v4.lbrn (44.2 KB)


Thanks for sharing Eric.
I do not yet have a camera, will soon purchase one.
I would like to have the simplest mount possible - just a backplate and mount.

Will something like this work?

That would work, but would leave the camera unprotected. With my design, there is minimal chance that the camera board itself can get hit by the gantry or affected by soot or smoke.

Once I’ll get my camera I will check my options. i might consider transparent heat-shrink for the camera body. Thanks again for sharing your design.

Any chance you have a pic of the final assembled product? What did you use to attach the camera to the machine itself? Thanks!