8mp Lightburn camera setup

, I have just set up my 8mp lightburn camera and have 2 issues and have made a short video to show them here.

1 = when I plug in the camera after I have made a cut lightburn seems to automatically move my origin to the centre of the bed but on my laptop its showing top right.

2 , my camera is so light sensitive I need to turn all of my lights off to get a image I can see on the computer screen and with it being such a dark environment the image isn’t crisp ??

Has anyone had these problems and able to help please

Many thanks

Turn off the ‘Fade’ toggle in the camera control window. The background is intentionally faded to make it easier to see your project shapes.

What operating system are you using? If it’s Windows 7, you won’t get the brightness or exposure controls because they aren’t accessible there.

If you’re on Windows 8 or later, go to your Settings, and check at the bottom left to see if you have the ‘Custom’ or ‘Default’ camera system chosen:

Custom is the new one that includes the brightness and exposure controls.

For the origin issue, I have never seen that before. Which controller model do you have?

Thanks for the reply,

i am using windows 8.1 and have custom camera system selected but still have no slider for brightness.
i have also turned the grid off in settings which has helped alittle but still very pixelated and way too bright , i have played with focus by twisting the lens and is the best it can be.

i have the 8mp camera with 110deg lens , my camera is 90cm above the bed and i have 1300 x 900 bed.

any help would be much appreciated

I have also managed to fix the origin problem in ruida control board.

p.s. lightburn is awesome, i have used a few cad programs in my time and loving lightburn

You haven’t indicated whether or not you have clicked off the ‘Fade’ button.

Hi , yes when I turn off the fade button it made my grid overpower the image so I turned off the grid in the settings also but still very bright / pixalated

If you even out the lighting across the surface of the machine it might help - having a black knife bed with white material sitting on it means that the camera sees a lot of dark area and is trying to lighten it.

When you say pixelated, can you show what you mean?

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