8MP LightBurn Camera

Hello all. I just recently bought a 5MP camera and it works just fine but on my HL-1060 the ideal mounting location is just over a meter from the bed surface so I loose a lot of resolution alway zooming in. My question is two part. First I assume the 8MP 95 degree camera will help improve on this and second I noticed the 8MP LightBurn Camera’s just went out of stock. Anyone know if new stock will be arriving soon?

New stock is likely about 2 weeks away (maybe a bit less). LightBurn itself can help pick a camera - go to Help > Camera Selection Help and the software will show you the minimum mounting height for all the cameras we sell, given the size of your machine, like this:


The 8MP-N-75 looks like it would be the closest fit, with the 8MP-W-95 being right behind it. You can double click an entry to go to that page on our web store. We have the N-75 in stock.

Thanks so much for the fantastic reply. I did look on your store page and only the 110 and 95 camera show up. Is the 75 listed somewhere else?

They’re ‘hidden’ a little because I didn’t want to make the selection process any more confusing than it already is for people, and these don’t work on MacOS. As I said, double-click the entry in the list in LightBurn and it will take you to the order page.

I’m glad you mentioned MacOS because that’s what I run. Ok Thanks!

One last quick question…is there any plan to support MacOs for N-75

It’s not anything I have control over - it’s the camera itself that doesn’t work on the Mac, not the software part of things.

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