9.10 update halftones

Cannot create image using update. Image is over pixelated and dark. 150 watt laser. What is a good starting point for all settings?

A 150w laser has a huge beam spot, so visible dots are always going to be an issue. With Halftone, try 400 DPI, 100 cells per inch. If you want to try a different dither, use Stucki or Jarvis, but I would start at 150 DPI with your beam, and you might have to go down as low as 100.

For the image itself, select it and go to the Shape Properties window. Set the Gamma to 0.8, Enhance Radius to 4, and Enhance Amount to 150.

Try those as a starting point.

Thank you. I will try these settings. I spent hours last night not making any progress.

A good test is to run some smaller swatches with a simple gradient to make sure you’re getting proper

Run this, a couple inches wide and about 10mm high, and when you have the shading correct and can see a proper gradient all the way across, then try an image:


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