9.13 icons and text layout of controls area

I just updated to 9.13 and the control area fonts and layouts look a bit off.
KUbuntu 18.04.3

The first thing I noticed was the Cuts/Layers section where the Output and Show section on/off buttons were way out of alignment. For a second I couldn’t tell if they were new or something since the “Show” switch was so far away from the label.

The 9 button array in the Move tab is really small and shifted to the far left side. And the fonts on the buttons in the Laser control area look too small for the button size.

Sorry for not getting to the beta before .12 and .13 were released. :frowning:

Look at your settings. Is the ‘Font Size’ at the top-right set to ‘Default’? (all the way to the left)

Yes, far left slider position/Default. Setting to 12 seems correct for button fonts.

It doesn’t change the default layout of the layer information in the cut/layers display nor does it effect the small 9 button movement array in the Move tab.

I recently started doing some CAD so I added a 2nd monitor… I wonder if it’s getting defaults from the current display as opposed to screen. I stack my monitors(top/bottom) so the display looks like it’s 2x the height of each “screen”. I’ll disable the 2nd monitor and restart Lightburn to see if that changes anything.

That’s changed in the more recent betas. Releasing 0.9.14 now, in fact.

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I just moved the vertical split to the control section(right side) was more like 1/4 the width and now things look/feel right. Sorry, I just get used to things and with the update it opened almost to a full screen with about a 50/50 split between left and right display areas. That is what made the 9 button array look strange. The Outputs / Show buttons look a little better but still not ideal. At least the meaning of the buttons looks reasonably easy enough to understand. ie a new user might not be confused with the Show label being far away from the show enable/disable button.

I will start running the betas so I’m on top of this BEFORE release. :slight_smile:

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