9.17 cam alignment problem

Having a problem aligning cam in 9.17 no matter what I do it’s 42mm out on the x . I reinstalled 9.16 and its dead on so I assume its software problem

Machine, controller, firmware? Pictures? Any other information you can provide? Nothing really changed in the camera code this time around, so I can’t think of any reason it would do what you’re describing.

Ok thx for the reply I done a shed load of trouble shooting last night. And it seems to have been the cam had gone dodgy. I put my old lower rez one back on and it looks like it’s OK. The only thing else was when I started up lightburn this morning. The overlay pic was all swirls I went through the alignment again and it looks fine. So will have to see what happens over the next few days. Oh yea I have a k40 with a cohesion3d laserboard running grbl-lpc.

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