9.21 on a Mac, Catalina OS

Running Boss LS-1630 on a Mac Catalina OS. Down loaded 9.21. It connects to the laser and I can move the laser with the software. Didn’t really do much with drawing but I needed to cut a file. When I send a file to the laser nothing shows up…deleted the controller and started over…same results…Went back to the older version…no problems there.

I wonder if I’m experiencing the same issue. I’m running 9.21 on a Mac, and I can get LB to move the laser when I hit the frame button, but am unable to get it to actually initiate a burn when I hit the start button in LB. I have a Chinese 55W with a Ruida controller.

Upgrade to 9.21 on Mac Catalina 10.15.7 lost the ability to use USB to connect - Ethernet was the only connection that worked. Rolled back to 9.20 for now and working on my 65w Ruida Chinese machine.

I have a similar issue. After I updated to 9.21 running Catalina 10.15 the laser tab always shows disconnected even though I’m connected with the USB cord. I can send the file to the BossLaser and it accepts it but still shows disconnected.

I don’t understand you RuiDa users using USB over Ethernet

People are strange

Update - I downgraded from 9.21 to 9.20 and, like others have indicated, things are now working again.

I currently connect via USB. I would love to connect via Ethernet, but I have no wired connection running out to my garage and it would be a significant task to try and get a cable run out there. As such, USB it is.

There was an issue with Mac / USB connectivity with the initial release. It’s been fixed and re-posted as the same version, so it’s worth checking again.

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Thanks for the update - will update and try again.

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