9 Point Correction

Hello! Today I wanted to calibrate my 70x70mm lens in the fiber laser. Lightburn is 1.5.03. The frame is drawn and when I press start a warning appears that some parts are outside the machine area and will not be output. If you ignore the warning, no engraving will occur. You get the same warning when testing the material, but if you ignore the warning, an output is started. The complete material test is carried out, only the frame is missing. Kind regards, Hans

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Im having thr same issue with any size lens under 110mm??

Im having thr same issue

Im guessing from the replies you didn’t get an answer? Im getting the same error msg. Did you find a solution?

The error was fixed by the last update.

I’m using the latest update and still getting the same error. did yours go away when you updated?

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