90 Degree Camera or 120 degree

Hi, I am wanting to order a camera for my laser. I have a 900 x 600 bed and the camera will be mounted approx. 820mm above the bed, I also have an adjustable z axes so the distance will change. I have worked out that I need the 90 degree camera, but I have read that there has been problems with the focusing of the 90 degree camera. I am wondering has this been rectified? Should I order the 90 degree camera or the 120 degree? Any help is appreciated.

The focus problem is basically because the 90 and 60 degree cameras have narrow lenses, and therefore a wide aperture, with a very shallow depth of focus. They’re meant to be laptop cameras, so their long-distance focus isn’t stellar. They work very well for smaller bed machines, but not as well for a big machine.

The 120 to 160 degree lenses we sell are all larger, with a smaller aperture and larger depth of focus, better suited for larger machines. In about a month I hope to roll out an 8mp camera with better optics and a larger sensor.


Well this would explain why I’m having so many issues with my 90 degree camera on my 900x600 machine. Is it possible to do an exchange for the 120 degree camera? I just purchased mine a couple weeks ago. Thanks! Jason

Thanks Oz, I think I will then wait for the 8mp camera. Would you be able to let me know when these are in stock or if there is a way to pre order them.

@LightBurn can you view my post above and let me know my options? Or should I contact someone on the sales website?

Hi Jason - Apologies for the delayed response. I’ve replied to your support ticket, and will be sending you a 120 shortly.

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No apologies necessary @LightBurn! Thank you for all your help! Jason

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