99.9% conductive Copper tape?

Before i buy conductive copper metal tape has anybody
Tried cutting it with a 150watt laser. I am guessing its maybe .020 thick not sure.

Copper is almost perfectly reflective at the 10.6 µm wavelength emitted by CO₂ lasers. As a result, it’s pretty much uncuttable at power levels available to we civilians, although kilowatt fiber lasers at 1 µm get some traction:

I believe Trumpf markets a green laser for industrial copper processing. TruDisc, if memory serves. Several thousand watt and quite a few several thousand dollars.

Thanks for the information.

Is this metric in feet? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

You might have some ability if it’s a foil, but thicker than that it’s probably not possible. The metal reflects most of the energy…

If it takes 0.8W to get through it, and you hit it with 40W … a reflection rate of 98% would theoretically leave ~0.02% or ~0.8W to cut it… bad odds on this being successful.

With a hobby co2, stay away from metal object. Got mine to barely mark a piece of stainless… cost me the lens… :crying_cat_face:

Fiber and/or 1064nM beam frequency for metal engraving… light cutting ability.


What if i painted the copper first or burned from the back where the protective backing is. Yes it is foil material.

Doesn’t matter what you put on it, once it hits the metal, it will reflect.

One of the biggest issues is that metal sinks heat away to cooler areas.

Metals sink heat, copper is know as one of the best. Copper sinks heat away very fast and with the reflectivity added, it’s a losing situation.

If you really want to try it, go for it. Quick test shouldn’t hurt anything…


I will take your advice and stay away from it.
Thank you.