9mm ply Cutting Skewed at depth and leaving Notch

Having an ‘issue’ with my 150w Co2. When cutting 9mm ply circles in one pass it seems skewed. Also there is a notch where it starts and finishes the cut. Apparently, there are settings in light burn to correct this?

What is skewed? The edge? Can you show a photo of that? If the edges are not straight then check that your mirrors are aligned and that the last M3 mirror is directing the beam perpendicular to the worktable. Pulsing a spot at focus length and then lowering the table an inch and pulsing again should produce a larger spot with the smaller spot perfectly centered to it.

Regarding the notch, you could try adding a lead in, I haven’t really played with this setting much so somebody else might have an idea for good settings for 9mm ply:

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If you mean not round, you need to measure it and let us know…