A Axis move controls

When using the A axis for the rotary should there be move controls UP/DOWN in the MOVE dialog window? I don’t see how to move the axis to tweak the steps per mm.

Lol, thanks I am an idiot. I thought those were to move both X and Y at the same time (diagonally).

We do like hiding things in plain sight. :wink: No worries. If you hover the mouse over almost everything in LightBurn, you will see a Tool Tip pop out, if you hit F1 while hovering, you are taken to that section of our documentation to assist in explaining what that thing does and how to utilize it. :slight_smile:

Can I ask a question about my rotary here or do I need to start another new topic?

You did already, so all good, here is fine. :slight_smile: I assume it has something to do with,

Fire away.

I have a Cohesion3D Laserboard and I am trying to configure my Rotary but no matter what I set the delta_steps_per_mm to it never moves the correct distance. If I tell it to move 10mm in lightburn and click the rotate button it moves about 1mm, if I say 50 it moves about 10mm.
I have used their documentation to calculate the steps per mm to put in the config and it comes to 8.8888.
My Gear on my Nema 17 is a GT2 Pulley 20 Teeth 5mm bore 6mm Width 20T and both the roller gears are the same. So (200 x 16 x 1) / 360 = 8.8888889.
The diameter of my rollers are 26mm which is set in Lighburn rotary setup.

What am I doing wrong?

Here is a picture of my gear setup.

Great product and very nice folks. I might suggest reaching out to their forum and search their resources as they have a lot of very helpful info.

This is also worth review, Rotary Setup - LightBurn Software Documentation

Yea I did that already spent about 6 hours reading forum post after forum post with no resolve. I did all the things they said to do and it changes nothing.
They are apparently having staffing issues and do not respond to support for several days if at all.
And unfortunately it doesn’t look like other customers respond much their either. I posted pretty much the same question their already and waiting on a response.
Had I know there was no real support there I would have found a different controller. This has been a 300.00 pain in my rear since I got it.
Thanks for your feedback in any case.

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