A-axis move distance

Under the move tab when using the A-axis positive and negative, what does the distance setting refer to? Degrees rotation or mm base on the object diameter input in the rotary setup.

Sorry this should be obvious with some experimentation but the chuck style rotary hand me down I got does not have any markings on the stepper, and uses a gearbox I’d prefer not to disassemble.

It depends on what you set your steps per mm value to on the controller. What kind of machine and controller do you have?

It’s degrees for the A axis. You can use simple GCode commands in the console to move it too, like G0 A360 to move the 360 degree mark, and G0 A0 to go back to zero.

Running GRBL-LPC on a custom laser. Problem is that I am trying to work backwards to determine what my steps per mm should be. I cannot tell based the motor I have and the gearing for the chuck.

Use these commands to move the chuck some amount, then measure how much it actually moved, and work backwards from there.

The concepts here should help:

Use what Ray suggests as a starting point - Put a mark on the roller shaft, then use the G0 A360 command to jog it. If it does 1/4 rotation, you need to increase the steps/deg count by a factor of 4. Use G0 A0 to reset back to zero before changing the step size and trying again.

My number is 177.77 steps per mm. Not sure how that works out, but its pretty repeatable.

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